How this started…

26 01 2011

Not too long ago I visited a new restaurant/bar (well, new to me anyway) that offers something called a “Mug Club.” This restaurant goes by the name Parish Cafe and Bar. The goal is to down 100 beers in ONLY six months. If completed, you would thus receive your very own 25 oz mug to use each and every time you visit the place. You can then personalize the mug with 20 characters – I was thinking “The hoppier the better” or “On to the next 100” or something along those lines.

A tall task at the time, and a tall task still. It’s been about a month or so, and I do believe I have put away a whopping 5 beers. At the start of this marathon, I figured I would need to drink about 4 or so beers a week. With 5-ish months left, I now have to average around 5 beers per month. I’m going to just go ahead and blame my slow progress on the winter weather (I am from Florida, afterall, but I’m not sure how much longer I can get away using that excuse since I’ve lived in Boston since 2003).


I want to finish this task. This will not only force me to drink new beers that I may not have tried previously, but also, um, uh, oh who am I fooling, that’s pretty much the only reason I want to finish it. I could go ahead and say “I’ve never quit anything in my life” but that’s probably not true (and by the way, if anyone ever says that to you they’re probably full of it).

I was hoping to list the beers that I have tried, but I can’t quite remember all of them. I think I have had the Old Speckled Hen English Pale Ale (one of my new favorites), Old Arrogant Bastard, and three others that apparently didn’t make a huge impression on me. Oh well. I’ll go back soon and figure out what I had and pass the info along, but maybe I’ll wait until the snow stops…




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30 01 2011

Thats a lotta beers!

30 01 2011

O yah

24 02 2011

Evan – love the blog! I saw the link in Lauren’s. David will love this, too. He is a big hoppy beer drinker.

100 beers in 6 months is quite a challenge! My school in Australia had a challenge to drink 100 Guinness during the 4 month semester and the reward was your name on a plaque at the campus bar. 2 of my friends did it, but it was kind of hard to watch. Haha. At least your challenge has some diversity and will be a fun way to try a bunch of new beers. Good luck!

Also, definitely going to check out some of those lighter beers you mentioned. Thanks for the recommendations and hope you’re having fun in Cali!


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