Why I Feel Special

30 01 2011

So there is this fantastic little beer/cheese/bread store in Brookline, MA named Publick House Provisions. I visited the store many-a-time when living over in that area. Anyways, for Christmas Santa* gifted me a great selection of hoppy beers (how does he always know what I like? Always!?) that apparently came from the previously mentioned store and were recommended by one of the clerks.

The day after Christmas I had the first of the gifts: Green Flash West Coast IPA (left). I had never heard of this company, but they are located in San Diego so chances are they know what they are doing. When poured, the first thing I noticed was the huge head on this beer. The aroma was VERY hoppy. My first taste, from what I remember, was full of hops. Almost too many, even for me…almost. Very tasty, and had a sharp finish. Maybe not a good beer to drink many of (although only 7% ABV), but two was perfect.

My second gift was a Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary Ale (right) opened a couple days after Christmas. It is actually a combination of three of the brewery’s top beers: Oak-Aged Bigfoot, Celebration Ale, and Pale Ale. This was my first experience with a beer that was corked like champagne (22 oz). Good fun. This beer had medium head, and a very light aroma. For an ale, it was fairly dark colored. It was a very easy drinking beer. Sweet, but at the same time hoppy.

My third and last present was a Wachusett Larry Imperial IPA (left) that I enjoyed last night. Funny name, perfect beer. It was apparently first brewed for a competition held at Publick House Provisions and was received so well they kept brewing it. I really enjoyed this one. Not huge head, but what a fantastic smell. Piney, citrusy, maybe even a little caramel, but not too hoppy and over-powering – although for my tastes more hops would have been acceptable! The flavor had some nice sweetness to it (one of my new favorite flavor traits), but also had a decent amount of hops. I’ll admit, I probably could have had more than just the one bottle (22 oz). Too easy to drink!

As with all good stories, this story, too, has it’s ups and downs. I have recently been informed that Publick House Provisions has closed. Who knows, maybe I will be the last person to have ever drank this beer (by the way, this is why I feel special). At least I can say I enjoyed it to the fullest. I’m not much for eulogies, so that’s about the best you’re gonna get from me! Guess I won’t be moving back to the Brookline area!

*I should probably point out that the role of Santa in this story is being played by my fiancé, Lauren.




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