Top 5 Beers to Drink During the Super Bowl

5 02 2011

I’m gonna start by getting the possible obvious out of the way here – there will not be any Bud Light or Miller Light on this list. However, like many people, I am prone to drinking a lighter beer if many are going to be had (which I assume will be the case since, if you include the pregame shows, the game, commercials, halftime shows, and excessive postgame shows, the “game” lasts about 5-6 hours). Not only do you have to worry about possible quantity, but also the almost sure fact that there will be an abundance of food involved. This also leads me toward a lighter beer choice.

Thus, a list of recommendations for this “holiday” is in order. Again, this list will lean toward lighter beers (and on the affordable side), so if you want something heavier, sorry. Alright, so on to the list:

  1. Victory Prima Pils – I like this beer because it is light, obviously, and easy drinking. Oh, and it tastes amazing. I have enjoyed everything from this company, as a matter of fact.
  2. Long Trail Pale Ale – I actually prefer the IPA this company offers, but it can be a bit heavy if you have more than two. This is a bit heavier than the Pils, but has a ton of flavor.
  3. Harpoon UFO Hefeweizen – Anyone who has had this knows how drinkable it is. Light, slightly fruity, and easy drinking.
  4. Allagash White – Probably one of the best beers/beer companies you can have in general (in the Northeast, anyway). This may be better for a summer beer, but it is so drinkable to me, and I’m ready for summer anyways…
  5. Brooklyn Lager – Somewhat heavy, but still equally drinkable. More flavor than some of the other options (and possibly more affaordable).

So, there you go. I would love to hear other opinions. I love choices!




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