Super Beer Part 1

7 02 2011

So this past weekend was a great couple of days for beer testing and tasting. Friday, I went and met Lauren at her work (since I had off) in Brookline. Brookline is known for having good beer restaurants. It’s a wonderful thing to have restaurants competing for best beer selection, which is what is going on over there. Good stuff.

Anyway, we went to a restaurant called Craft that had a decent beer selection, but I apparently wasn’t feeling very adventurous as I decided to drink a Victory Hop Devil. If you’ve read my Favorite Beers list, you know this is on there. I couldn’t resist it because it is not often that I come across it outside of the liquor store. It is a very hoppy IPA, but is not too overpowering. I say that, but it does have a way of numbing your tongue due to the bitterness/hoppiness! Just a good all around beer in my opinion.

After we left Craft we trekked on to Publick House. This is a super cozy bar that has a German feel to it. They also happen to offer an incredible beer menu that seems to change every time I go there. This time my eyes led me to a beer I have been hearing about lately. It is a German beer named Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier (felt inspiration from the establishment). From the name you can probably tell it was a hefeweizen, which I have never been a huge fan of unless it is the middle of summer. However, I can see what all the buzz is about! It was light colored beer, orangy-yellow with an intense white colored head. It tasted fruity and malty, with slight carbonation. It had low alcohol content making it VERY drinkable, but they made up for it by giving me a 19 oz glass. Very refreshing, to say the least. The coolest part of the drink was that apparently this brewery claims to be the oldest in the world. Makes you feel like you are drinking history! COOL!

“We” decided after those beers that “we” were tired, so “we” paid the bill and left for home. I kinda wanted one more beer before calling it a night, so I swung by Shaw’s (not a great place to get beer but they usually have a surprisingly half-decent selection) to pick up something new. I chose a beer by: 1) Which I had heard of and 2) Which company I had tried and enjoyed. My decision was Lagunitas Hop Stoopid. Lagunitas makes a great IPA, and this didn’t disappoint in either flavor or hops. It came as a 22 oz bottle, and offered great color (burnt orange) and head (thick and frothy). Not as fruity and citrusy as other ales of similar make, but still piney. It felt kinda thick in my mouth, which was an interesting texture. Not a beer to drink many of due to the intensity, but pretty solid.

Well, that was Friday…I will return tomorrow with a couple more reviews from Saturday. Anyone have any beers they tried this weekend they want to share?




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17 02 2011
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[…] so. Anyway, the next idea was to go to Lagunitas. I recently reviewed their beer Hop Stoopid here, in case you’re interested. Well, we were going to be passing by that brewery between Monday […]

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