Super Beer Part 2

8 02 2011

Ok, so Saturday I tried two new beers to tell you about:

The first was produced by one of my old stand-bys: Harpoon. It was their new Belgium Pale Ale. Belgium Pale Ales are more or less new to me in general. From what I have read, Belgium pale ales are different because they have less hops than a normal pale ale or IPA. This beer poured a nice amberish color, maybe a little red in hue. As a Belgium pale ale, it definitely had less hops than the Harpoon IPA, but they were present. They were noted in the smell, which was not strong with a bit of fruitiness, and in the taste, with was light and drinkable. A little bitterness was noted. All and all, a beer I would drink again soon. It is available in the sampler from Harpoon, along with other great Harpoon offerings.


My next beer nearly knocked my socks off! My intention was to share it with Lauren, but she fell asleep before I could open it, so I drank it as a “dessert.” The beer’s name was verified with smell after the pop of the bottle cap: Rogue Chocolate Stout. Wow, just wow. An intense chocolate aroma wafted from the bottle, and I knew I made a good choice to open it by myself! It poured a great, thick head, and the beer was dark as night. The first sip was not as chocolatey as the smell led me to believe, but it was delicious. I tasted chocolate and coffee, and was only slightly bitter, as if I was eating a bitter chocolate bar made for baking. The more it warmed, the more chocolatey it became. Just delicious.




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8 02 2011

Blog looks good, Evan!

8 02 2011

Thanks! Appreciate the support Pepin.

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