Beer Run

13 02 2011

Not a good week for me and my beer adventures. Didn’t try anything new. I realize now that I am on this craft beer kick that many bars in the area carry more or less the same beers. The more I think about it, the more I realize why I love Harpoon IPA so much. When my choices, apart from Bud Light, Miller Light, etc, are Guiness (respect the beer and company but not my favorite), Newcastle, Sam Adams, Magic Hat Number 9, Bass, Harpoon IPA, and one or two other randoms thrown in every now and then, I of course choose the hoppiest. Of course. It makes so much sense now!

Anyway, other than one Allagash White, I enjoyed Harpoon IPA almost exclusively this week/weekend. Ok, so maybe I didn’t move forward in my quest (nor put together any reviews and recommendations for you), but I certainly didn’t move backwards!

I do want to pass on something that I decided to partake in coming up. It is a 5k race called the Ras na hEireann on March 13th. I’m not much of a runner, nor would ever be confused for one, but I have been promised that there will be Harpoon included post race. Apparently everyone heads to bars around the area after the race, which I’m not so sure I’m totally into because I have no way to take a shower before, and I’m assuming neither does anyone else. If you are interested in running I think it fills up quick so sign up soon!

I have a couple of interesting beers in my fridge I will review this week, so stop by again soon!




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14 02 2011
Lauren @

Yay! That you are running a race!!

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