The San Francisco Beer Area

17 02 2011

I have recently been preparing mentally, emotionally, and physically for my upcoming trip to San Fran, which I leave for on Sunday (2/20). This trip excites me GREATLY. The San Fran and Sonoma/Napa area, I hear, are supposed to be virtual beer meccas. With breweries such as Anchor Steam, Lagunitas, Bear Republic, and Russian River Brewing, San Fran is almost in a class by itself as far as American breweries go, in my mind. Of course, wine making is what the area is really known for, but this is a beer blog, after all! And wine is too fruity anyhow!

I plan to post on this excursion while there, so check back next week from time to time to see where I go. I wanted to post a tentative schedule of events for the trip, but a couple ideas have fallen through. First of all, in case you ever travel to San Fran and want to experience Anchor Steam Brewery, you will need to make a reservation at least 6 months in advance! Crazy! A reservation to a brewery? Apparently so. Anyway, the next idea was to go to Lagunitas. I recently reviewed their beer Hop Stoopid here, in case you’re interested. Well, we were going to be passing by that brewery between Monday and Tuesday of next week, and guess what? Those are the 2 days they are closed!

Oh well. I plan to make up for lost brewery time at local brew pubs that I hear are supposed to be good, recommended to me by my new friends at and, such as 21 st Amendment. I also wanted to pass on this great website that was passed on to me called Not only does this site include breweries, it also includes bars and stores that offer craft beer and a calendar of local events. Really neat.

All in all, I found that not only are there GREAT websites about beer available in the San Fran area, but the bloggers over there are incredibly nice and generous; makes me want to move there, no doubt! If you are interested in following my trip, stop by for updates. I’ll try my hand at photography and post some pics, too. Also, if you have any recommendations for me in the area, I would love to hear them. I always have a couple openings on my calendar for beer!




2 responses

17 02 2011

I just got back from San Francisco and as always had a great time… Your going to love it there. There are so many pubs and bars out there and tons of beer to try. One of my all time favorite place to go to is called Toronado. You should give it a try. Can’t wait to hear all about your trip.

17 02 2011

Hope your trip home was a good one. Someone else actually recommended Toronado to me also! Guess I will have to try it out, for sure.

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