Find some good beer near you!

8 03 2011

I have been snooping around the web looking for neat websites that I could pass on to you guys. If you take a peek over to the right side this site, you will notice a section that says “Blogroll” (currently trying to figure out how to change that name to “Links”). I have been frequently updating this as I find sites that I think others might enjoy. Feel free to let me know of any sites that you have come upon that I could place there or you think I might enjoy.

So I want to pass along a great site that I recently came upon. The other day my Dad made me green with envy as he reported to me that he recently enjoyed a brew known as Old Rasputin Imperial Stout. I have been wanting to try this for some time now. Actually, I would love to start drinking more imperial stouts in general. This is supposed to be one of the best. “So, how do I get this beer?” I thought to myself. I could travel around the city in search of a bottle. Hmm, I wonder if the company will post on their website or tell me if I call them. Well I am pleased to report I have solved this problem (err, someone else has). Great Brewers does just this. Type in your zip code, and you can find all the locations the beer can be found in your area. Little did I know that Old Rasputin Imperial Stout can be found at a bar that doesn’t even have that great of a beer menu about 1 block from my house! Probably would never have checked there.

In conclusion, very cool website. For future reference/use, I stuck it on the sidebar as “Beer Finder” under “Blogroll.”




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