Summer’s right around the corner!

9 03 2011

I’m not gonna lie, lately all I have been able to think about is summer. And you know what summer reminds me of most (well, I guess other than the warm weather, beaches, and shorts)? Baseball. Oh yea. I don’t care if you think the games are too long and boring, or if there are 162 of them, or if you’re a Cubs fan. I refuse to let your complaining affect me! But, in all seriousness, I can’t wait for baseball. The smell of grass. The excitement of the fans. The day games. The stats. The beer. O yes, the beer.

It used to be that when one went to the ballpark, all that was available was Bud Light and the like. Last year, I myself enjoyed a nice Sam Adams Boston Lager at Fenway. While not my favorite beer, compared to Bud Light, for me, it was like heaven. And honestly, what’s the added $1.00 extra in the long run? Worth every penny of the $4.50…err, $8.50. Whatever, I don’t have season tickets. Once a month or so isn’t that bad to pay $5.50 per beer…err, 8.50. I mean, compared to Bud Light or Coors Light, I would gladly pay $6.50…err, $8.50. $8.50!?!?!?

The point I’m trying to make is that if you’re going to pay $7.50 on a Bud Light, you might as well pay $8.50 on a so deemed “specialty” beer. Unless, of course, you actually *cough* enjoy Bud Light. Then you can do whatever you want. If that is you I’m referring to, then you’re probably the same guy that sat behind me (by himself I might add) puking his brains out last year for an entire Red Sox game. Yea, that’s you.

So what got me thinking about this today? This article did. This guy discusses the top 10 beers offered at MLB parks. Great article idea! Possible new goal for myself/this blog in the future: travel to ballparks around the country and taste the local beers and foods offered. Well, I can definitely start with Fenway, which happened to NOT make that list. Or maybe somewhere else this summer…




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10 03 2011

The Nationals and Orioles stadiums are both mentioned. I guess you and Lauren will just have to make a trip to the DC area this summer to check out the great beers they offer. Dogfish Head is really good and nearby, too.

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